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Our Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

HealthEquity continues to innovate and build a path to our vision. We are also diligent in ensuring our work remains beneficial to society while mitigating risks and generating long-term value.

That includes regular consideration and reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics.

A message from leadership

HealthEquity is committed to saving and improving lives by empowering healthcare consumers—and we do this by embodying our values in everything we do. Corporate social responsibility is embedded in our Purple values: Do the Right Thing, Be Remarkable, Make a Difference, and Celebrate People. These values brought us to the milestones reached this year and, we believe, position HealthEquity for many more years of responsible growth.

This report and the initiatives it describes were proudly conceived and executed by HealthEquity teammates—not ESG consultants. Inside, you’ll find our Purple culture on every page, including our real faces instead of stock photography.

As in our 2023 report, we continue to share information on topics identified as material to HealthEquity. Here, you can learn more about our approach to ESG and download our latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) report.

Jon Kessler

President, Chief Executive
Officer, and director

Stephen D. Neeleman, M.D.

Founder, Vice Chairmain,
and director

Materiality assessment

Many of the focus areas covered in this edition of the CSR report were identified in an industry benchmarking assessment. This analysis of more than 30 topic areas served as the basis for collected feedback from more than 150 stakeholders and an overall evaluation of the potential impact of these topics on HealthEquity.

Our reporting covers the top material categories that emerged from the analysis, as well as topics chosen with reference to standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability and Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Download our CSR reports

The topics covered in this report are not just issues we consider once a year—they are embedded into the foundation of our company. Download our latest reports to learn more.

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