Your FSA lets you make pre-tax payroll contributions to pay for eligible medical expenses. Literally thousands of products and services are eligible (you can shop right now at the FSA Store).

Your healthcare FSA may come with a debit card1 that you can use, for example, at the doctor’s office or drugstore to pay for eligible medical expenses. But if you forget your card or one isn’t included in your employer’s plan type, you’ll still be able to get reimbursed.

Simply save your receipt, then upload a copy and submit for reimbursement later. Note that FSA claims always require the same 5 items (but not all receipts list them).

For the fastest reimbursement, make sure your documentation contains the following:

  • Patient Name
  • Provider Name
  • Date of Service
  • Type of Service
  • Cost

Whether you use a debit card or upload a receipt, either option makes it super easy to use and spend your healthcare Flexible Spending Account.

You can always view the latest IRS contribution limits at this page.

Now, let’s jump in. Here are 16 great ways to spend your FSA and stretch every dollar further.

#1 Doctor visits

Your FSA can help you pay for all doctor visits and consults before hitting your deductible.

#2 Telehealth visits

FSAs also usually cover telehealth visits in lieu of an in-person consult.

#3 Over-the-counter (OTC) medications

This is a popular way to use your FSA. You can buy cough medicine, pain relievers, sleep aids, and more.

#4 Dental care

Whether you need a routine dental cleaning, a root canal, or even braces for your middle schooler, your FSA can help you cover out-of-pocket dental expenses.

#5 Vision Care

Your FSA also covers contacts, optometry visits, eyeglasses, LASIK, and more.

#6 Diabetes management

Use your FSA to cover testing equipment, alcohol swabs, needle disposal containers, and more.

#7 Eczema cream and lotion

Winter brings dry, hardening skin. Use your FSA to buy hand creams and lotions.

#8 Women’s healthcare products

As of 2020, many women’s menstrual care products—such as pads and tampons—were made eligible for reimbursement. Birth control and other contraceptives also count as a eligible medical expenses with a prescription.

#9 Fertility treatment

With a letter from your provider, you can use your FSA to cover some fertility treatments.

#10 Baby products

Use your FSA to buy many baby items, including baby breathing monitors, baby sunscreen, and diaper cream.

#11 Gear for nursing moms

Your FSA can also help you save money on breast pumps, pads, some storage bottles, and more.

#12 Vasectomy

Finished having kids? Your FSA can cover the costs associated with a vasectomy. Want kids again? Your FSA can also pay for vasectomy reversals.

#13 Hearing aids

New technologies are making hearing aids more effective, but also more expensive. Help defray the cost by using your FSA.

#14 Smoking cessation

Prescription medications, OTC gum and patches, and smoking cessation programs all count as eligible medical expenses.

#15 First-aid

From children’s band-aids to fully stocked travel first-aid kits, your FSA can help you be ready for any bump, bruise, or emergency—big or small.

#16 Medical masks

COVID-19 might be with us for a while. Save money when you pay for eligible personal protective equipment (PPE)2 with your FSA.

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